Cloud Business City provides an opportunity to find IT startups, get their detailed metrics on dynamic of development, user base, as well as an easy way to invest. To get access to the service please fill out the form below.


IT startups search

Cloud Business City gives you an opportunity to search among the many actually existing startups, view their metrics (sales, user base and so forth.). It is worth noting that Cloud Business City and Microsoft are preselect startups before they will be granted access to the service.

All startup metrics

You will be informed about current affairs of the startup in which you have invested. You will be able to view statistics on the development of the course, the time required for the completion of the current stages, progress in attracting users and much more.

Communication with the startup team

Integrated communication system will allow you to communicate with one or more members of the startup, as well as to connect external experts, partners and other people to the conversation.

Simple investing

Invest in a startup becomes just as easy as making a purchase on the Internet. Find out the startups, view their data, communicate with their managers and team, collect all the necessary metrics and invest if you consider them worthwhile. All this is possible within the single service - Cloud Business City.